Mobile Ecological Momentary Assessment

Looking for a simple solution to collecting frequent data from study participants?

mEMA's native Apple and Android apps allow participants to use their own phones increasing compliance and reducing burden. mEMA sends in-app push notifications so your study keeps running even when the phone is offline; runs response timetests with millisecond precision, collects data from in-phone sensors, and can integrate with wearables.

Ilumivu has been providing HIPPA compliant software services to universities and clinical organizations since 2009. Our systems are robust, secure and ready to support your study.

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IRB Approved

The mEMA System is seure, private and HIPPA compliant. Participant data are fully anonymized. We will help you get the system approved.

Native Apps

Our Apple and Android apps run on your participants' own phone, send in-app notificaitions and keep running when they are offiline.

Wearable Integration

The mEMA System currently integrates with the Empatica devices. Integration with Smartwatches running Android Wear is coming soon.  

Key Features

Easy Study Design

Create your surveys and set up alert schedules for participants online quickly with no programming experience. 

Location Tracking

Capture GPS coordinates when participants take a survey or periodically through the day.

Context Aware

Tap into the phones sensors to get a big picture of your participants' day, including accelerometers, ambient light and sound, local weather, app usage, etc. 

Smart Surveys

Make surveys responsive to your individual participants with skips logic, branching and answer piping.

Easily Customizable

Need another feature? Let us know, we can usually add them easily. Check out the full features list here. 

Capture Photos and Videos

Use images and videos in your surveys and capture them from your participants in response to survey questions. 

Take Your Research Study Mobile with mEMA

mEMA works for any area of stuy including anxiety, depression, suicide, substance abusepain, sleep, etc.

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